Ultimate Guide on Toning: How to Use Face Toners?

What exactly is Face Toner?

Like the delicate petals of a blooming flower, your skin needs regular care and love. And in the world of skincare, toner is one of the most important steps. It’s the first product you use after cleansing, before other skincare products like serum and moisturizer. So think of it as a double cleanser.

Toners help clean dirt, oils and impurities more efficiently than cleansers alone and leave skin better protected against environmental stressors.

What can Toner do for your Skin?

A well-formulated and rich Skin toner can potentially do a lot of good to your skin. Apart from drawing out extra dirt, oil, and other impurities off your face, it can also enhance and replenish the skin after removing your makeup. Some other benefits of toner are as below:

  •   They hydrate the skin, especially during summers.
  •   Help lock in the moisture after a calm cleansing session.
  •   Help minimizes open pores.
  •   Help restores the skin's pH balance.
  •   Help the skin absorb moisturiser or serum that is applied afterwards to maximize its effectiveness.
  •   Add an extra layer of protection for the skin.
How do you use Toner?

Skincare can sometimes get very complex. However, another reason to love a toner so much is that it’s one of the simplest skincare steps and does so much good!

Application is super easy and a quick process!

First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean. Simply wet a cotton pad with toner, then swipe it over your entire face and neck. Make sure it’s the first product you use after cleansing, before other products like serum and moisturizer. There are also some toners you can apply by patting them into your skin with your hands.

The best ones come with a spray applicator!  They avoid hand contact directly with the product and help in even application.

Who should use a Toner?

Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, normal skin – all skin types benefit from toner.

Anyone, and everyone, irrespective of gender, should be using a toner, especially during summers:

An essential unisexual skincare routine for all year long:

  • Step 1: Cleanse 
  • Step 2: Tone 
  • Step 3: Moisturise 
  • Step 4: SPF
What should I look for in my Facial Toner?

A Toner should be water-based, which means it should go deeper into the pores to melt away the makeup, dirt, and oil. And remember, the skin doesn’t make its water moisture, so toner is needed for a layer of hydration.

Check for ingredient safety. We suggest looking for 100% Certified Organic Actives since the toner gets absorbed deep into your skin.

Also, make sure your toner is Alcohol-free. An alcohol-free toner is much more gentle on the skin and helps it heal. An alcohol-free toner will also allow you to balance your skin’s pH levels with more ease.

Is Toner safe for my Face?

Any skincare product which includes only 100% Certified Organic Actives is safe for skin. However, the essential rule for choosing the proper toner would be to avoid alcohol-based toners, as they are too drying, even for those with oily complexions

And make sure the product is artificial-fragrance free. An artificial fragrance in your toner can always cause a sensitising reaction on the skin. There is nothing more trustworthy than a certification since labels can be deceiving and fragrance - tempting!

Just unload the toxins - The Organic Way!

Lotus Organics Toning Products

Brighten up your skin & spirits and calm heat-induced skin with Alcohol-free toners by Lotus Organics+ made with 100% Certified Organic Actives!

Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Toning Essence

Our Summer Special - Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Toning Essence is an organic concoction of 100% Certified Organic White Peonies and Carrot Root Extract for the perfect dose of hydration, freshness and glow your skin deserves in the unforgiving season of summer.

It brightens the skin’s luminosity, scoops out impurities, restores the suppleness and finesse of tired skin. In addition, this alcohol-free toner will gently clean your pores which will help in preventing breakouts.

Lotus Organics+ Divine Petal Toner Mist

Spritzing brings a natural relief to hot, sun-drenched skin.

Our Lotus Organics+ Divine Petal Toner Mist is a pure, calming recipe designed to clean and refresh your skin.

Fresh flowers of certified organic Frangipani tighten skin pores, boost’s firmness, maintain the skin’s pH balance, and help uplift and re-energize your tired skin.

And make sure anything that you use to clean your skin must be in itself - CLEAN!

Yes, we’re talking about the ingredients; what actually matters.

What goes inside your toner goes inside your skin!


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