Precious Brightening Toning Essence

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An inimitable alcohol-free formula packed with 100% Certified Organic White Peonies & Carrot Root Extract, the Precious Brightening Toning Essence is a miraculous skin fortifier that deeply hydrates and replenishes the skin, thus strengthening the skin barriers. This invigorating toning essence sweeps away the impurities and excess oil, prepping your skin for a radiant & healthy glow.

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Key Benefits

Refines the Appearance of Pores

The blend of organic ingredients reduces pores’ appearance by cleansing away the excessive oils & impurities. It allows your makeup to glide over your skin smoothly without sinking into pores and creases.

Balances, Heals & Soothes your skin

The Toning Essence helps restore your skin’s pH levels by healing it internally & leaving the skin supple & soft.

Removal of Excessive oil & Impurities

The toner sweeps away the dirt & grime and unclogs the pores, forming a protective layer over the skin. The skin is thus safeguarded from environmental contaminants.


Key Ingredients

Good To Know

How to use?

Step 1

Cleanse your face using the Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Facewash and rinse it off with water.

Step 2

Spritz your face with the Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Toning Essence for a soothing & calming effect.

Step 3

Apply the Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Serum+Creme for overall skin nourishment.


"Want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated without indulging in elaborated skincare rituals? This organic spritzer is your pick. I highly recommend this one if you’re someone looking like me who looks for a quick skin-fix & glow!"


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