Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

When we are affected with acne, the urge to reverse it is so high that we inch closer to every product with acne written on it or claims to help with reducing spots. That can potentially go against our skin and worsen the situation. You could actually end up with more break-outs or dry and sensitive skin.

Skincare isn't a linear journey, and skin can change throughout your life. Even if acne clears up, it's important to feel happy with the skin you're in.

Retouched images, skin blur, and beauty filters were the norm growing up, and we ended up comparing our skin and physical features to those impossible images.

Acne is an absolutely normal skin condition, and you decide your concept of beauty and beauty isn't limited to one cookie-cutter standard.

We have structured this regime to draw out all that dust that loves to linger, balance your skin’s hydration levels, structure the skin cells, & restore the softness.

Skin Care Routine for Acne & Pimples

So here's a simple yet significant skincare routine for minimising those breakouts and helping reduce inflammation:

1. A Calming Cleanse

?A good cleanser is the foundation of any skincare routine. Purifying and rewarding your skin two times per day is an ideal approach to fend breakouts off. Pick the right cleanser for your skin type. In general, cream cleansers tend to fit dry skin types better, and gel cleansers better suit oily/combo better. 

Blessing your face with a calming cleanse is an essential step to prevent any sorts of dirt and impurities from settling into your skin and causing reactions.

You actually don’t need to use an acne-fighting face wash because they feature a harsh formulation, which in many cases ends up disrupting the natural skin barrier, leaving you even more vulnerable to breakouts after each wash. Instead, stick to a gentle, suphate free cleanser since it’ll dissolve excess oil, dirt, and bacteria without stripping your skin or leaving it tight and irritated.

Our Lotus Organics+ Pristine Purifying Face Wash is a sulphate free cleanser formulated using 100% Certified Organic Frangipani extracts. It’s consciously formulated to lift out dirt, grime, and other skin impurities with little effort and helps immensely to prevent breakouts. It gently cleanses the skin and dissolves excess oil without irritating the skin.

Squeeze out the product and make use of only your fingertips or a soft washcloth. Massage your jawline and neck along with the face too.

2. Use a Hydrating Toner 

Toners are an ethereal experience for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin types! Toners can help remove excess oil, tone, and hydrate or help fight blackheads and blemishes. Spritzing a refreshing toner brings a natural relief to irritated, acne-affected skin.

Just make sure that you note the alcohol content in your selected toner because alcohol can be extremely drying and irritating, especially for sensitive skin types. Even for a normal skin scenario, alcohol-based toners can invite pimples.

Our Lotus Organics+ Divine Petal Toner Mist is a pure, alcohol-free calming recipe designed to clean and refresh your skin. Spray on the face throughout the day for a toning and healing experience with its clean formula that comes loaded with the goodness of 100% Certified Organics Frangipani Extracts.

Frangipani tightens skin pores, boost’s firmness, maintain the skin’s pH balance, and help uplift and re-energize your tired skin.

Post cleaning your face, just close your eyes and spray directly onto your face & neck, keeping the bottle a few inches away. Using a cotton pad, pat gently all over your skin. 

3. Apply a Chemical-free Moisturizer

Oily and acne-prone skin 100% need moisture. An everyday moisture lock-in, non-greasy, and the smooth formula is a must!

After your toner has dried completely, or after you've washed and thoroughly dried your face, smooth on your skin with a chemical-free light moisturiser. This is important because, without it, your oil glands produce more oil of their own to compensate for no infusion of extra moisture, ultimately leaving you with clogged pores.

It’s essential to keep your skin balanced, which happens only when it's well hydrated and attracts moisture. Hydrating the skin surface can re-balance oil organs and help control skin break out and improve mending.

If you are already committed to Acne medications by a dermatologist, you definitely should follow up with a lightweight moisturiser. Acne treatments can make your skin highly thirsty for moisture.

There are many moisturisers for acne-oily skin types available today that absorb fully and won't aggravate acne.

We suggest you use a chemical-free, aqueous formulation to do this job, much like our consciously crafted Divine Nutritive Hydrating Lotion SPF 20, made with 100% Certified Organic Actives. Lighter than a cream, this formulation will penetrate the skin without disturbing the skin’s barrier and irritating the affected skin. 

Similarly, if your concern stems from acne prone-oily skin and branches to signs of ageing, we vouch for Lotus Organics+ Plant Retinol Bakuchiol Super Serum. It comes with the promise of a retinoid, minus the harmful side effects! This serum blurs out fine lines, boosts collagen production, and hydrates the skin deeply. 

Beauty Bonus Tip: Wear your SPF each morning to reap the full benefits of your routine, and always make it a point to keep your Phone Screens and Pillow Cases clean! 

All skin will have pores, lines, textures and spots, and that's perfectly normal. It's not the appearance of your skin; It’s always how you feel about yourself that matters most.

Let’s grow accustomed to how real skin looks and learn to love your skin no matter what stage of life you are in! 

All the products mentioned above are crafted using 100% Certified Organic Actives and totally cruelty-free!

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Skin Care Routine for Acne Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin Skin Care tips for Acne Skin Care tips for Acne-Prone Skin

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