Organic & Natural Skincare Products

Organic Skincare is crafted with 100% Certified Organic Actives and lots of love for sustainable things!

Explore the magic of 100% Certified Organic Actives: Best Skincare Products by Lotus Organics+

In the days of yore, we marched towards desired skin hair loads without realising the impact of toxic loads.
There’s no getting around the fact that you wish to be healthy and desire your skin hair to look their finest self, so you pamper yourself with every product available and carefully scrutinise your eating habits.
Loving and managing your hair or skin lies within your care routine. While choosing what to eat, we consciously avoid foods containing preservatives and fuel our bodies only with healthy ingredients. But are you as careful while choosing your care products too?
That’s why choosing natural organic skincare products leads to sustainable beauty!

Buy Sustainable Clean Beauty: Natural Skincare Products with Lotus Organics+

The richness of cold-pressed ingredients, essential oils & herbs makes up the best skincare products.
Lotus Organics+ is a conscious and compassionate organic beauty and wellness brand whose products are crafted with 100% Certified Organic Actives. Its products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, sulphates, or artificial colours. They come in packaging made of 100 per cent recyclable material, including paper boxes, glass bottles, and jars.

Looking for the perfect organic night cream to complement your skin?

Precious Brightening Night Crème is our best bet for the best organic night cream. It is an everyday luxurious night cream crafted with 100% certified White Peony extracts that helps boost skin elasticity and helps restore its resilience overnight.
This intensely hydrating cream has a rich, silky smooth texture that just glides on your skin and leaves it feeling soft, supple and nourished (without being heavy/greasy).

What are the best skin care products for anti-ageing?

Products which do not contain genetically modified ingredients—a BIG NO-NO to pesticides, fertilisers,  herbicides,  antibiotics,  growth hormones, and GMOs.
And are also cruelty-free, vegan plant-based.
Explore our various skincare ranges made with 100% Certified Organic Actives, a skincare range for every skin type, and every skin concern.

Organic Skincare Products



Organic skincare products are more effective than non-natural or non-organic products as they comprise nature's best produce, like plant extracts, plant oils and butter.

Organic products can benefit skin health as they are fragrance-free and avoid harsh ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, and synthetic preservatives, reducing the risk of irritation. So, no matter your skin type, the products will benefit even the most sensitive skin.

Elеvatе your nightly skincarе ritual with thе Prеcious Brightеning Night Crèmе—an organic mastеrpiеcе fеaturing 100% cеrtifiеd Whitе Pеony еxtracts. Immеrsе your skin in еvеryday luxury, as this night crеam works tirеlеssly to еnhancе еlasticity and rеstorе rеsiliеncе, unvеiling a radiant morning glow.

Natural skincare products are formulations crafted from plant-based, minimally processed ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals and additives. These products harness the inherent properties of botanicals to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. 

Sеlеct natural skincarе products by chеcking for organic cеrtifications, еxamining ingrеdiеnt lists for plant-basеd componеnts, and opting for brands committed to sustainablе and cruеlty-frее practicеs to еnsurе a mindful and еffеctivе skincarе choicе. Always consider your specific skin nееds and potential allеrgеns when making sеlеctions.

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, and Face serum are four basic skincare products you must use in your skincare ritual. Explore our various skincare ranges with 100% certified organic actives for every skin type and concern.