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Mystic Indulgence Body Lotion SPF 20 ShopLotusOrganic

Mystic Indulgence Body Lotion SPF 20

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Best Price ₹ 308 with coupon code "WELCOME"

18% Off

Mystic Brilliance Body Lotion SPF 20 ShopLotusOrganic

Mystic Brilliance Body Lotion SPF 20

₹ 324 M.R.P. ₹ 395

Best Price ₹ 308 with coupon code "WELCOME"

Tick the Winter Checklist with Lotus Organics Winter Care Body Lotions

Winter cannot be forgiving for your skin. It needs care, hydration, and protection to survive and thrive this winter. The antidote? Lotus Organics' best organic beauty care range ticks all the boxes—infused with emollient ingredients that profoundly nourish and shield your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays to prevent problems like itching, dryness, flakiness, and red bumps. Lotus Organics' organic beauty products website makes it effortless to scroll and find the hand & body creams and lotions designed for all skin types and concerns (yes, there's one for everyone). The entire range is enriched with rich, 100% certified organic plant extracts to wrap your skin in a cocoon of moisture and paraben-free formulations to make you feel flawless from head to toe. Considering that skincare is for everyone, our body products work equally well for men and women with different skin types! So, grab your goodness pack right now!

How to take care of your body routine in the comfort of your home?

Simple steps go a long way in keeping your body healthy-looking and glowing.

Never Sleep on Moisturisation: Who doesn't enjoy hot showers? But make sure you soak your body in lukewarm to retain healthy moisture. Post-shower, slather your skin with thick Lotus body lotions to lock in some water in your skin, keeping it extra hydrated during the winter season. 

Body Lotion with SPF 20: Sometimes, we neglect to protect the exposed parts of our bodies, which are prone to sun damage. Broad-spectrum sunscreens offer well-rounded protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays to help prevent tanning, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It means 2-in-1 - double the protection, double the care!

  • Mystic Indulgence Body Lotion SPF 20 : This lotion can transform dry skin into healthy, soft skin. It can hold water and keep your skin moisturized for extended periods. It helps improve skin elasticity, making skin healthier and more vital to fight any upcoming winter dryness. It has 100% certified olive butter that plays a significant role in preserving skin elasticity. It also has SPF 20 to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Use this lotion consistently to have soft, supple, and hydrated skin all winter.
  • Mystic Brilliance Body Lotion SPF 20: Made with 100% certified argan oil, the Mystic Brilliance body lotion SPF 20 helps heal skin and make it soft and dewy. It leaves a refreshing scent on the skin, making you feel fresh daily. It also has SPF 20 to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. It has a lightweight and nongreasy texture, making it perfect for everyday use. 

Pair these lotions with other skincare ranges to linger a subtle scent and gentle touch on your skin. The best part is that our body products work equally well for men and women with different skin types! So, grab your goodness pack right now!

Have you ever wanted to know what butter feels like on your skin? Well, Lotus Organics heard you! With a unique blend of 100% Certified Organic butter and emollients, it's quickly absorbed and doesn't feel sticky. Soft, supple skin is seconds away with this best moisturizer for dry skin. 

Mystic soothing body butter: For everyone dealing with dry skin and those needing extra hydration during winter, body butter is the perfect choice to pamper your skin. Lotus Organics+ Mystic Soothing Body Butter. It has a luxuriant and decadent body formula specially meant for the dry skin areas of your body like knees, elbows, legs, and arms. It is made with 100% certified organic shea butter, known to melt at body temperature, and it gets into the skin directly to condition, soften, and smoothen it up to perfection, making it supple and soft with loads of hydration.

Luxurious Comfort Hand Cream: This Lotus winter cream is specially designed for your hands. As our hands are constantly working for us, ensuring they are well taken care of is vital. Enriched with 100% Certified Organic Shea Butter, it transforms hands by stimulating cell renewal and effectively rejuvenating fragile skin. The rich butter-based formula intensively nourishes tired and dry hands, making them look rejuvenated, young, and supple.

Lotus has combined India's best organic body care products into the Buttery Buffet Moisturizing Kit, containing the best essential organic beauty products that keep your skin sweet, delicious, velvety, and soft.

Even the sun sets a little early in winter, so adding one more task of shopping for these goodies is another hassle. You can get all the best organic beauty productsright here. Get your natural body care products online and immediately stock up your winter care collection. Lotus Organics has a diverse range, including face creams, scrubs, and lotions. Explore and shop now!