Precious Brightening Range


Precious Brightening Glow Discovery Set

Precious Brightening Glow Discovery Set

Boosts Glow | Reduces blemishes | Reduces pigmentation

Rs. 2,530 Rs. 3,165

Precious Brightening Ultimate Radiance Beauty Duo

Brightens and Protects | Ultra Nourishing | Reduces blemishes

Rs. 1,305 Rs. 1,740

Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream

Brightens Under Eyes | Reduces dark circles | Reduces Puffiness

Rs. 552 Rs. 745

Precious Brightening Creme SPF 20

Brightens and Protects | Reduces blemishes | Moisturizes the skin

Rs. 626 Rs. 845

Precious Brightening Serum+ Creme

Boosts Glow | Treats uneven skin tone | Reduces pigmentation

Rs. 700 Rs. 945

Precious Brightening Face Wash

Instant Glow | Balances pH Levels | Removes Impurities

Rs. 356 Rs. 480

Precious Brightening Night Creme

Boosts Glow | Treats dull skin | Ultra Nourishing

Rs. 681 Rs. 895

Precious Brightening Face Exfoliator

Boosts Glow | Deep Cleansing

Rs. 367 Rs. 495

Precious Brightening Facewash & Serum-Creme collection

Rs. 1,069 Rs. 1,425

Precious Brightening Facewash & Creme Collection

Rs. 994 Rs. 1,325

Precious Brightening Cleansing Balm

Rs. 478 Rs. 645

Precious Brightening Toning Essence

Rs. 367 Rs. 495

Precious Brightening Facial Oil

Rs. 700 Rs. 945

Precious Brightening Overnight Indulgence Regime

Rs. 1,740 Rs. 2,320

Precious Radiance Regime

Rs. 2,036 Rs. 2,715

Lotus Organics+ Morning Radiance Ritual

Rs. 1,155 Rs. 1,540

Precious Brightening Luminous Combo

Rs. 1,352 Rs. 1,690

Wake Up The Glow Combo

Rs. 1,988 Rs. 2,485

Precious Night Time Radiance Combo

Rs. 1,312 Rs. 1,640


Our BEST-SELLING organic skincare range - Precious Brightening Skincare Range

Precious Brightening Range has been structured to draw out all that dust that loves to linger, balance your skin’s hydration levels, structure the skin cells, & restore the softness.
Impregnated with the goodness of 100% Certified Organic White Peonies, this Precious Brightening Range protects and brightens the skin’s luminosity, and restores the suppleness and finesse of fatigued skin. These skin food essentials work hard to deeply replenish, promote elasticity, minimise lines, and restore uniformity to the skin.


Which cream is best for skin whitening?


The first step to dewy, well-fed, bouncy skin. And that’s why upgrading the best day cream in your skincare routine is super important.

Feel the love every day with the yummy whipped, velvety soft texture of our Precious Brightening Crème, perfect for adding an uplifting glow to your complexion!

This intensely hydrating cream has a rich, silky smooth texture that just glides on your skin and leaves it feeling soft, supple and nourished (without being heavy/greasy).


Which night cream is best for glowing skin?


For PM, Precious Brightening Night Crème is our best bet. It is an everyday luxurious night cream crafted with 100% certified White Peony extracts that help boosts skin elasticity and helps restore its resilience overnight.
That’s not it; love your tender face a little more this wedding season with our most LOVED Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream, and let your eyes shine.
All you have to do is pump out a little quantity of the under-eye cream and massage the contours of your stressed eyes using the cooling roller; massage the product gently for a relaxing effect for a couple of minutes & proceed towards your beauty sleep!


Which cream is best for daily use?


This AM-PM combo has a tasteful texture & luxurious feel; A cosy, super comforting layer of White Peony for you.
The perfecting, feather-light textures blossom with the fresh aroma and skin-loving essence of 100% Certified Organic White Peonies to give your face a radiant natural finish with a peony-perfect glow! 
This White Peony enriched Precious Brightening Range is cruelty-free, vegan, and made without parabens, sulphates, or artificial colours. They come in packaging made of 100 per cent recyclable material, including paper boxes, glass bottles, and jars.

What to expect?

  • Brightened & uplifted skin
  • Collagen and elastin amplification
  • Skin damage correction & reduced pigmentation⁠

  • Why is the Precious Brightening range the best brightening range?


    This range comprises AM-PM products, including the best serums, day & night creams, under-eye cream, facial oil, cleansing balm, and brightening face wash

    Lightweight texture, quick product absorption and intense hydration for a radiant everyday glow make this range a perfect pick for all year round. 

    Vegan and cruelty-free ultra-nourishing blend, perfect for sitting on your skincare shelf!