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Haircare Combos & Kits

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Ultimate Hair Fall Control Combo - Lotus Organics

Ultimate Lotus Hair Fall Control Combo

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Hair Care Combos for Natural Nourishment of Hair

A hair care routine works when it is built on the proper research and foundation. Every individual has their haircare recipe, which they have found fruitful to improve their overall hair health. Since every hair type is unique, it is important to choose products that work right for your type. This is why haircare combo packs are on the rise lately. A realistic yet holistic treatment is always therapeutic, from shampoo to hair tonics to hair masks.

Layering the foundation of goodness, Lotus Organics introduced an exciting range of combo packs to deliver ample nutrition to your hair health. As India’s largest safe approved brand, we at Lotus Organics maximise the goodness of nature to quench your hair thirst with natural extracts and organic actives. Be it Lotus Organics Ultimate Hair Fall Combo or our Skincare Combo, and our prime focus is on providing sustainable solutions to defy your haircare woes. 

How To Select the Haircare Combo Based on Your Hair Type

Understanding the crucial function an efficient shampoo performs for preserving the overall well-being of your hair is the first step in the quest for long, beautiful locks. It is well known that hair professionals advise against washing your hair on a daily basis because frequent washing can deplete your hair's natural oils, causing dryness and damage. But when you shampoo, it's crucial to pick the correct product that meets your hair's particular needs.

Ultimate Hair Fall Control Combo

Confer your hair with the therapeutic properties of this duo - Red Onion Extract & Rosemary Extract. This Lotus Organics+ combo delivers the proper nutrition that improves hair texture, boosts hair growth, and strengthens the roots. This combo unblocks hair follicles and promotes the development of newer strand.

  • Hair Fall Control Shampoo: Many of us are concerned about hair fall, but with the Lotus Organics+ Hair Fall Control Shampoo, you can say goodbye to those pesky strands that seem to come out at the slightest touch. This shampoo has been lovingly crafted with a unique recipe enhanced with 100% Certified Organic Rosemary Oil, an organic superpower that is here to save your hair.
  • Hair Fall Control Conditioner: It is a genuine stress reliever for your hair. Your hair is not only detangled and less stressed after every wash, but it also looks glossier and feels smoother. Say welcome to hair that looks beautiful and feels soft.

Hair Fall Control Kit 


This opulent kit features a refined recipe that blends the potency of 100% Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil and Red Onion Extract to offer your precious hair the moisture and nourishment it requires.


What Does the Kit Enclose?

Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner & Multi Herbs Hair Oil: This best-selling kit is must-have for everyone who are wondering how to get bouncier hair without any chemical treatment. 

The Lotus Organics+ kit delivers the proper nutrition to your hair, improving overall texture growth and strengthening roots. Packed with Red Onion Extract and Rosemary Essential Oil, this kit also helps to unblock hair follicles and promote the development of newer strands.

This kit is great for repairing damage triggered by excessive heat styling and external environmental factors. It's not just about minimizing hair loss; it's also about getting your hair back to its healthiest, brightest form.

Hair Fall Control Classic Combo

Defeat your hair troubles with Lotus Organics+ Hair Fall Control Classic Combo, which offers you a simple yet effective two-step programme to return your tresses to their original splendor in this situation.

A Basic Two-Step Process

This combo is specially designed for those who are always in a hurry! Just follow the basic two-step oiling & shampooing—to cherish the delight of healthy, strong, and attractive hair. 

Ingredients: Derived Straight from Nature

Lotus Organics+ takes pride in delivering products that are sulphate and paraben-free, but we also conform to a larger, clean beauty concept. In our haircare collection, we are delighted to provide vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-free, and 100% certified organic actives. 

With Lotus Organics+, you can be confident that your hair care is both efficient and free of potentially harmful substances.

🌿Rosemary's Power: Native to the rocky regions of the Mediterranean, rosemary works wonders for your hair in addition to being a culinary herb. Rosemary Oil, which has a wealth of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, is your hidden weapon against hair loss and thinning hair. Its capacity to boost cellular production encourages the growth of healthy hair, keeps your scalp moisturised, and controls premature hair loss and greying.

🧅Red Onion Extract: This all-natural substance strengthens those priceless roots while nourishing your hair follicles, increasing hair volume, adding radiance, and speeding up hair growth. You can regrow hair and provide your hair with the best nourishment thanks to the sulfur included in red onion extract. Its antimicrobial qualities also fight against scalp infections, giving your hair a clean, healthy foundation.

🫚 Authentic Ginger Oil Extraction: Cold-pressed, 100% certified ginger oil is a great natural cure for your hair and scalp, in addition to being a culinary spice. It has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It gets to work removing dandruff, encouraging good scalp cleanliness, and enhancing blood flow to promote hair growth. As ginger helps to strengthen hair shafts, you'll have thicker, denser hair in no time.

It also addresses your scalp's most serious issues—dryness, flakes, itching, or breakouts on your scalp—while cleansing your hair of contaminants, giving you a clean, fresh start.

We recommend building your hair care routine with these organic hair care products. The natural ingredients in these hair products will help you get healthy hair naturally. Remember to follow our
blogs to learn all the necessary haircare tips and wisdom from the ancient science of organics.