Sustainable Diwali - Let’s #LightItOrganic!

The festive season - the season of living in the sweet tales of life!
May it be a moment of quiet in a cosy niche with your favourite book after a long day at work or may it be the celebration time of Diwali - we humans never run out of new reasons to absorb positivity and recharge ourselves!
Talking of Diwali - it is one of the most awaited festivals in every Indian household.
It’s indeed that time of the year that calls for not just suiting up to the best but also sprucing up the house beautifully.
Every festive season, we all try to do something different to ensure we contribute less to the heaps of waste, and we’re all engaging with more ‘eco-friendly’ substitutes back and forth. There’s always something you can do better or greener, and it’s important not to beat yourself up about it. As long as you’re doing what you can, and we are making an informed decision - it’s all good!
What we buy, who we buy it from and how we consume it - makes a huge difference.
As we are becoming more environmentally conscious, this festival season recognises the power of ethical gifting and sustainable celebrations. Adorn your house with upcycled home decor items, and plantable stationaries and many such green gifts in your festive cart.
While celebrating Diwali, listed below are a few tips for all of us:
  • Keep your garden or greenspace chemical-free.
  • Avoid buying single-use plastics.
  • Encourage shopping local, shopping organically.
  • Record the wildlife near you & spread awareness!
  • Re-use, Recycle and Reduce your carbon footprint. Pick out sustainable gifts and decor!
  • How about distributing beautiful eco-friendly, handmade Diwali cards?
  • Get creative and gift potted plants to your loved ones and plant more trees.
  • Recreate some simple festive table styling with all things upcycled.
  • You can use different types of lentils and rajma to create a simple concentric pattern on a thaali/plate and place it on the floor. They can be washed thoroughly and soaked later and can be cooked for your next day’s lunch!
  • Make organic compost out of puja flowers!
  • Choose to rest and honour your body's need.
  • Gift time, attention, and health to your loved ones!
  • Adorn your house with upcycled decor items & Fun DIYs!
It’s never too late to look for fresh ways to do that little something ‘extra’, or maybe just small swaps with your regular Diwali stuff.
After all, it’s all about finding joy in simpler things!
Here’s what we did new this year: Our little Diwali Exclusive - Seed Crackers!
They look exactly like our traditional Patakhas but nothing like them.
Instead of cracking with a thud sound causing noise pollution and releasing smoke, these Patakhas sprout into beautiful plant saplings.
Presenting to you - Exclusive Seed Crackers!?
What is it?
Onion Seed Chakri.?
They are delicately designed, hand-made plantable chakris containing ethically sourced onion seeds.?
What a sustainable and eco-friendly way to add organic cheer to your Diwali!
All you have to do is:
Soak them in water for some time, then place the wet chakri in the soil.
Keep it in sunlight, water regularly and enjoy it sprouting!?
This Diwali, we’re hoping this Festival of Lights, our intentions and actions as a community and species can synergise for the greater good!
Upholding a better and safe society for our forthcoming generations is our responsibility. Let’s all keep the consequences in mind and try to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali wrapped up with some yummy sweets and lots of lights and diyas!
Let’s #LightItOrganic?
A little something extra for you: Seed Crackers are complimentary on every order!
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