Top FIVE Best sellers of LO+ - 2022 Edition

New year always brings us a promise to start with a blank canvas where we get to decide once again what possibilities we would like to explore. 

January is that time of the year when you promise to start eating healthy, be more active, commit to new regimes, and make self-love a priority.

The new year always calls for some new habits. And if you’re willing to commence your sustainable beauty journey in 2023, this blog is for you!

Just remember: everyone's skin concerns will differ slightly, so it's worth working out what your skin loves to sip on, taking into account seasonal or hormonal changes.

Here’s the list of best selling skincare items at Lotus Organics+ of 2022 which you MUST try to unlock the healthiest & glowing version of your skin:


  • Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Under Eye Crème:

  • It has made it to the list again, for all the right reasons!

    Our TOP-SELLING organic beauty - The Precious Brightening Under Eye Crème has received immense love this year as well. 

    Enriched with the goodness of 100% certified organic white peony extracts, this cream nourishes the eye contour areas reducing puffiness and signs of eye fatigue.

    Apply regularly to counter under-eye dullness, and stubborn pigmentation and to get an uplifted-youthful glow.

    The perfect complement to your age-defying skincare routine. Simply massage the contours of your stressed and tired eyes using the cooling roller.

    This eye cream has a unique metal ball dispenser on the top, which gives a cooling sensation & instantly de-puffs under the eye area.

    Energise your under-eyes appearance, and bless yourself with some beauty sleep with this one!

    It is hands down the best under-eye cream, and we are super delighted to honour it here on this list!

    Dancing across your skin and leaving behind a dewy, radiant glow. 💦

    Drops of youth with the magic of Plant Retinol; Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Miracle Face Oil! 💜

    The One & Done of the season — an antioxidant-rich oil that moisturises and revitalizes skin in one step. 

    What it does do? Accelerates skin cell regeneration, Reduces fine lines & wrinkles & Increases collagen production.

    This winter season, try retinol in its most authentic form - drops of Bakuchiol for younger-looking, luminous, & uplifted skin! 

    A soft, luxe layer collagen; pure plant retinol!

    This one is a great option for people who like to cut down their anti-ageing routine to a single product.

    The texture is not watery like a serum and not too thick as a moisturiser. It has a lightweight gel-based, targeted approach and glides on like melted butter.

    The skin-melting texture blends in effortlessly and makes the skin look plump and dewy post-application!


    We cannot stress this statement enough - SUN PROTECTION IS SKIN PROTECTION!

    SUN-SET with this one; Warm sun rays, or the ocean breeze - this is our ultimate pick!

    Brighten & Protect with our SPF 50 mineral sunscreen for oily skin all year long.

    This oil-free, physical sunscreen is formulated with natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that goes well with all skin types & antioxidants that visibly minimise fine lines & wrinkles!

    Non-sticky, super light-weight, and seamless application of these sunscreens will give you Broad Spectrum sun protection and feel feather-light and oh-so hydrating on your skin even during the humid weather!

    We love the finish; it’s easily our favourite organic pick!


    An organic, anti-ageing glow recipe is suitable for sensitive skin, too!

    Be it any season, your daily moisturiser is like the warm rays of the morning sun.

    And who doesn’t love themself a multi-benefit one?

    If you struggle with following up the multi-step routine to keep your skin healthy & prevent signs of premature ageing, this one’s for you!

    Use the Bakuchiol Plant Retinol day cream for that intense hydration and moisture retention, to seal the glow, and boost collagen; a one & done product. 

    Tasteful texture & luxurious feel; A cosy, super comforting layer of Plant Retinol for you. 

    Whipped, skin-melting, & perfect for adding an uplifting glow to your complexion!

    This perfecting, feather-light everyday moisturiser blossoms with the fresh aroma and skin-loving essence of 100% Certified Organic Bakuchiol Oil to give your face a radiant natural finish with a plumpy glow!


    Feed your skin with this ultra-nourishing, MOST-LOVED - Specialised, multi-correctional formulation. 

    While the face emollients do an excellent hydrating job and infuse enough moisture, our face requires some extra TLC during the winter mornings!

    Time to focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier, and blurring out the fine lines & wrinkles with this ultra-refreshing & intensely moisturising concentrated serum features a lightweight, gel-cream texture.

    If a glassy dewy face is your taste, invest time in layering your organic skincare products properly before you apply makeup. Our personal favourite has to be the Precious Brightening Serum + Crème for the airy-velvet finish, and we love how it locks in the moisture for long hours! 

    Use a Jade Roller with the right products to unclog the congested skin and de-stress it effectively! 

    This new year, pledge to protect the planet and your body from toxins. 

    Buy less, but buy better!


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