Valentine's day Gift Guide- The best Organic Gifts!

You & Organic Goodness: A perfect date!❤

Add to Heart: 100% Certified Organic Actives because your skin & you are a love story for life, and we’re making sure it’s not a toxic one!

You’re not alone this Valentine's; You & your glow and all the organic goodness vibing together, perfectly lathered in love.

This month of love, pour love into your skin, hair & soul with sustainable beauty products. 

Amidst all the gifting madness, here are some gifting suggestions for you & your loved ones: 

Precious product picks:

Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Crème SPF 20

Precious Brightening Night Crème

Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream

The first step to dewy, well-fed, bouncy skin. And that’s why it’s super to upgrade your best day cream & best night cream in your skincare routine.

This AM-PM combo has a refined texture & luxurious feel; A cosy, super comforting layer of White Peony for you.

Feel the love every day with the yummy whipped, velvety soft texture of our Precious Brightening Crème, & Precious Brightening Night Crème; perfect for adding an uplifting glow to your


These intensely hydrating creams have a rich, silky smooth texture that just glides on your skin and leaves it feeling soft, supple and nourished (without being heavy/greasy).

Welcome the feather-light everyday moisturisers, which blossom with the fresh aroma and skin-loving essence of 100% Certified Organic White Peonies to give your face a radiant natural finish with a peony-perfect glow.

Our Precious Brightening Crème nourishes and moisturises without removing natural oils essential for your skin. The nutrients and properties of 100% Certified Organic White Peony keep the epidermis hydrated, showing its natural glow.

Excellent for daily use to offer you silky, smooth, and soft skin while being gentle to the planet.⁠

For PM, Precious Brightening Night Crème is our best bet. It is an everyday luxurious night cream crafted with 100% certified White Peony extracts that help boost skin elasticity and helps restore its resilience overnight.

That’s not it; love your tender face a little more this month of love with our most LOVED Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream, and let your eyes shine.

All you have to do is pump out a little quantity of the under-eye cream and massage the contours of your stressed eyes using the cooling roller; massage the product gently for a relaxing effect for a couple of minutes & proceed towards your beauty sleep!

With its lightweight texture, the concoction counters under-eye dullness and stubborn pigmentation and intensely hydrates & firms the delicate skin.

Comfort, care, and commitment with 100% Certified Organic White Peony for the peony-perfect glow!

If less waste and more beauty is your love language, then gift yourself or your loved ones the comfort & care of a premium organic skincare & haircare regime!

Explore the collection here:

Be unique & multiply the TLC & love with our exquisite skincare & haircare range by Lotus Organics+.

Cheers to celebrating small sustainable swaps, that one extra filter, mindful consumption, and celebrating love for the entire planet!

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This love season, we will make sure you fall in love with taking care of yourself with our premium range of 100% Certified Organic Actives. Tap the link & start your non-toxic, sustainable relationship today!


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