Wedding Skincare Essentials - Boost Glow the Organic way!

Bridal Season is here, and we're celebrating!

Filters & flawless makeup are great, but glowing skin is better!

And remember, miracles don’t happen overnight, so get an early headstart to radiant, glowing wedding day skin.

First comes love, and right after comes the skincare commitments.✨

No matter how high or low-maintenance you want to be about your wedding, skin prep is as personal a choice as whom you choose to marry, so make sure you get what you want!

Brides of 2023- irrespective of your skin type, we've put together a specially curated skincare timeline for you to follow before your big day so that you can look the absolute best version of yourself pre & post your big day.

Delivering: Organic essentials for your Big Day!✨

Don't let the dreary winter weather keep you from glowing! And skincare can be so confusing. With all the steps and ingredients, it’s easy to get lost.

Getting your wedding ready never looked so good & simplified with these organic, sustainable skin-food products for your big day and beyond!

Wedding planning can be stressful, so taking some "me time" is important, and you can achieve this through your wedding skincare routine.⁠ And yes, an efficient skincare routine doesn't always have to cost a fortune, and instead of going to the beauty salons, go for organic skincare made with 100% Certified Organic Actives.

Before getting into the most highly recommended products for LO+ products, here are some things to keep in your mind amidst all the wedding prep:

- Bring layering pieces, i.e. hats, socks, light long sleeves, and jackets to protect your skin.​​​​​​​​

- No golden hour: Keep an eye on the time, and plan your trips outside the high sun times -> 12 pm-2 pm.​​​​​​​​

- Focus on the UV index to keep your skin from burning​​​​​!

- Remember the lips! The lips are a general area for skin tanning and breakouts, which are often missed.​​​​​​​​

- Remember to reapply the sunscreen!

- Stay hydrated to ward off sunstroke.​​​​​​​​

- Seek the shade! Trees and umbrellas are your friends when it comes to staying sun safe.​​​​​​​​

First, you cannot change your skin type, but you can change your skin’s condition.

Wedding preps, multiple trials, hogging on junk food, snacking while shopping, & lack of sleep affect skin health adversely. Dehydrated skin lacks water, while dry skin lacks natural oils (sebum).

While dry skin is a skin type, dehydration is a skin condition.

If your skin is dehydrated, you can reverse it by incorporating moisture-binding emollients and the right amount of exfoliation.

Elevate your bridal regimen by adding this supercharged Precious Brightening range to your beauty routine.

Product picks:

Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Crème SPF 20

Precious Brightening Night Crème

Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream

The first step to dewy, well-fed, bouncy skin. And that’s why it’s super to upgrade your best day cream & best night cream in your skincare routine.

This AM-PM combo has a tasteful texture & luxurious feel; A cosy, super comforting layer of White Peony for you.

Feel the love every day with the yummy whipped, velvety soft texture of our Precious Brightening Crème, & Precious Brightening Night Crème; perfect for adding an uplifting glow to your


These intensely hydrating creams have a rich, silky smooth texture that just glides on your skin and leaves it feeling soft, supple and nourished (without being heavy/greasy).

Welcome the feather-light everyday moisturisers, which blossom with the fresh aroma and skin-loving essence of 100% Certified Organic White Peonies to give your face a radiant natural finish with a peony-perfect glow for your BIG day!

Our Precious Brightening Crème nourishes and moisturises without removing natural oils essential for your skin. The nutrients and properties of 100% Certified Organic White Peony keep the epidermis hydrated, showing its natural glow.

Excellent for daily use to offer you silky, smooth, and soft skin while being gentle to the planet.⁠

For PM, Precious Brightening Night Crème is our best bet. It is an everyday luxurious night cream crafted with 100% certified White Peony extracts that help boosts skin elasticity and helps restore its resilience overnight.

That’s not it; love your tender face a little more this wedding season with our most LOVED Precious Brightening Under Eye Cream, and let your eyes shine.

All you have to do is pump out a little quantity of the under-eye cream and massage the contours of your stressed eyes using the cooling roller; massage the product gently for a relaxing effect for a couple of minutes & proceed towards your beauty sleep!

With its lightweight texture, the concoction counters under-eye dullness and stubborn pigmentation and intensely hydrates & firms the delicate skin.

Skincare is a commitment, and consistency is the key. While your wedding would be a whole event of beauty, it's only fitting that your post-wedding skin deserves to be pampered too!

Your ultimate bridal skincare kit: Precious Brightening skincare range.

The big day is done, and now your skin needs some love to recharge and rejuvenate itself from the beautiful madness of it all.

Post-wedding skin can be tricky. So let us help you get back to your best skin with the best organic skincare products that will get you ready to welcome new beginnings!

Comfort, care, and commitment with 100% Certified Organic White Peony for the peony-perfect glow!


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