How to take care of your hair during winters?

Winter is the time for comfort, warmth, and cosiness. It’s the time for endless talks beside the fireplace. Or snuggling yourself under layers with a warm cup of hot chocolate watching Netflix! Sounds super comfy, right? Well, we cannot say the same thing about your hair and scalp. Winters bring a lot of unwelcomed stress due to dry scalp, excessive hair fall and weak hair strands. Despite following the same hair care regime, it does not suffice the winter chills and leads to hair damage. The reason behind poor hair quality during winters is the temperature variation indoor and outdoor, and it affects your hair strands, leading to split ends and breakage. Having a solid routine that focuses on your current hair's needs while helping you achieve your ultimate hair goals is extremely important, especially in the wintertime! Wintertime is for care, conditioning and cleansing of your hair. The weather is changing so that can only mean one thing; It's time to pull out the winter hair products from hibernation! ? This, that & everything in between about how you can keep your hair healthy, lustrous & fabulous this winter season! Our locks are feeling dry and craving hydration; here’s what we can do: ? Certainly, incorporate deep conditioning in your hair care regimen Deep conditioning is a saviour for frizzy, dry & damaged hair since it prevents split ends and improves shine & texture. ? We suggest you coat your hair with organic hair masks that nourish your hair & restore hair’s moisture. The result is less damage & healthy-looking hair. Lotus Organics+ Hair Fall Control Revival Mask is our best bet for the season! ? Use organic conditioners only on the ends. If you’re shedding more, we suggest you to keep it away from your scalp as much as possible. ? If you have low porosity, you could use hot water, add in a spoonful of conditioner and dunk your ends in it for a minute. Only squish and scrunch! ? Try not to go out with wet/damp hair when it is already very cold. The hair can freeze and is extremely fragile in this state, so it can break away easily. ? Often wear protective hairstyles, protects against friction, the cold and dehydration. ? Seal the moisturiser with Lotus Organics+ Multi Herbs Oil!? ? Be careful with zippers on jackets; it is not really good if hair gets into them. ? Wear a silk or satin scarf/bandana under hats to help prevent frizz. Wool or other fabrics can cause breakage. ? Winters can suck the moisture from your hair. Incorporating a hair revitaliser is a MUST in this season! We swear by the Lotus Organics+ Hair Fall Control Revitalizer for all the much-needed comfort & care. ? In winter, your scalp gets itchy and dry due to the absence of moisture in the air, and it can cause excessive hair loss and dandruff. Always use a sulfate-free and mild shampoo to maintain the natural moisture balance. Frequently washing your hair with shampoos strips off its natural oils, causing further dryness and irritation. Fight the flakes with Lotus Organics+ Dandruff Control Shampoo. ? Limit how much you wash your hair. Try and extend the time between your washes. ? Our hair is already delicate during winter, and using heat styling tools can make it brittle, causing hair breakage. Avoid blow-drying as it draws moisture out of your hair. The winter months are notorious for contributing to dry/damaged hair. We hope you’re enjoying a piping cup of coffee or tea and snuggling in blankets whilst taking tender care of your skin & hair when it needs it the most. To more happy hair days!?

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