Five Reasons you MUST use Facial Oils!

If you have been keeping up with the latest skincare trends, you will know how the face oils have been gaining a lot of airtime for preserving the glow of your face!
So what’s all the hype about?
As we all ease into our usual winter skincare routines now, let’s indulge in the much needed skin-detox post all the festive fun!
Rich moisturisers have been placed in front of the skincare shelves ever since we’ve entered the skincare world, but these new face elixirs are performing much more than just mere moisturisation.
These ultra-concentrated facial oils continue to experience an upward trend because they are formulated to complement and enhance the natural oils usually found on our skin.
They can seamlessly fit in with any skincare ritual or be used alone. The result is softer, healthier, and happy skin, no matter what the skin type.
Here’s why we love the facial oils all year-round:
  • Facial Oils help strengthen & nourish the skin barrier:
Think of your Skin barrier as the ‘gatekeeper.’
It keeps the essentials such as water and electrolytes and the toxins, pathogens, and allergens out.
A thin, weak, or damaged skin barrier allows irritants in or irritates more easily.
To protect your skin barrier and keep it nourished, use 2-3 drops of the right Facial Oil in your skincare routine.
  • Enjoy a potent de-ageing boost of hydration all season long:
We know that hydrated, supple skin is less prone to breakouts and inflammation. But to achieve long-lasting hydration can be tricky, and this is why we love to reach facial oils more often than ever during the unforgiving season of skin dryness; winters!
Facial oils perform hydration because they are rich in anti-oxidants but also helps in fighting free radical damage to cells, thereby preventing further ageing.
  • Promotes cells’ formation and collagen production in the skin:
Optimal absorption & application of facial oils lead to a fresher, younger and glowing complexion. It also encourages the production of collagen, which is essential to decrease wrinkles and diminish ageing skin. In addition, it further helps optimise skin's elasticity and support skin's firmness and resilience.
  • Supports skin’s natural defences and re-balances the skin:
Our skin naturally produces oils and lipids, and organic facial oils mimic these natural oils, which help prevent water loss to keep it hydrated. Depending on the formula you choose, your face oil may have antioxidant properties that work wonders for the skin. It’s the safest product to keep the free radicals at bay. Adorn it like the extra moisture sealant of protection for glowing skin!
Beauty bonus? It will encourage unclogging of stubborn pores too!
  • Introduce Guasha/ Jade Roller for cooling, soothing sensations:
Face tools are specially crafted for the pleasure of gently massaging your face and promoting optimal product absorption. Couple it with a facial oil for the therapeutic experience! The inclusivity of these precious stones in your beauty regime paired with the facial oil revitalises the circulation, which encourages lymphatic drainage and helps to reduce under-eye puffiness. It leaves a mesmerising effect and enhances your daily beauty rituals by purifying and relieving all the stress off your face.
This one’s definitely a self-care investment!
In a nutshell, a good facial oil re-balances the skin’s natural oils and tones the complexion to bring added clarity and address the imbalance that can manifest as common concerns like blemishes and dehydration.
Our Precious Pick - The Precious Brightening Facial Oil!?
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As we all ease into our usual winter skincare routines now, soothe & nourish with Precious Brightening Facial Oil!?
This all-organic, moisturising sealant reduces the appearance of pores & wrinkles and delivers an incredible skin-smoothening effect - for all skin types!

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