Organic Bakuchiol Oil

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plant retinol super cream

Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Super Serum

Reduces Fine Lines | Minimizes Pores | Boosts Collagen

₹ 898 M.R.P. ₹ 1,095

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retionol miracle face oil

Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Miracle Face Oil

Reduces Fine Lines | Deep Soothing | Restore skin firmness

₹ 816 M.R.P. ₹ 995

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Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Oil to Foam Cleanser ShopLotusOrganic

Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Oil to Foam Cleanser

Reduces Fine Lines | Removes impurities | Re-balances Skin Sebum

₹ 488 M.R.P. ₹ 595

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Bakuchiol Advanced Anti Ageing Duo ShopLotusOrganic

Bakuchiol Advanced Anti Ageing Duo

Reduces Fine Lines | Restore skin firmness | Boosts Collagen

₹ 1,568 M.R.P. ₹ 2,090



Made with the goodness of 100% certified organic Bakuchiol, this plant retinol helps fight ageing effects on skin.

✅The Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Creme is a lightweight everyday anti-ageing face cream crafted with 100% Organic Bakuchiol & Horse Chestnut Oil to restore skin balance and blur fine lines & wrinkles.

✅ The Bakuchiol Super Serum is a plant-retinol serums which helps boost collagen production and works towards diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

✅ The Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Miracle face oil packed with antioxidants that protect your skin from free radical damage, restores the skin's firmness and increases collagen production, making your skin younger & healthier.