Vitamin C Face Wash

Buy Vitamin C Face Wash for a Brighter, Even-toned Skin

Dull skin got you down? Would your complexion look as bright and beautiful as a freshly squeezed orange? Look no further than the power of Vitamin C! Lotus Organics' Vitamin C Face Wash collection is your key to unlocking a radiant, even-toned glow.

This range of natural and gentle cleansers is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, a superhero ingredient that fights free radicals, tackles dark spots, and boosts collagen production. Say goodbye to unevenness and hello to a brighter, healthier you! But wait, there's more! We have the perfect skincare routine to supercharge your results and reveal your most radiant self.

Awaken the Power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, recognized as an antioxidant, is used for many purposes in skincare. It protects the skin from free radicals, which cause wrinkles and aging. But that's not all! Vitamin C also:

  • Fighting Free Radicals: Pollutants and UV rays can lead to the production of free radicals that can damage your skin cells, as well as speed up aging signs. Vitamin C is a superhero by neutralizing these free radicals and saving the skin from premature aging.

  • Brightening and Even Skin Tone: Hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dark spots may result in uneven skin. Vitamin C assists in inhibiting melanin production, which is the pigment that results in skin colour. Vitamin C helps fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots by regulating melanin production, resulting in a bright, evenly toned complexion.

  • Boosting Collagen Production: Collagen is the protein that gives your skin youthful structure and elasticity. Unfortunately, collagen production declines with age, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C acts as a collagen stimulator, promoting firmer, plumper skin with reduced signs of aging.

  • Shielding from Sun Damage: Vitamin C offers an extra layer of protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. While sunscreen is essential, Vitamin C can further shield your skin from sun damage, preventing premature aging and sunburn.

Sensitive Skin? Cleanse with Confidence

Uneven, dull skin doesn't have to mean harsh cleansers. Lotus Organics' Vitamin C Face Wash is formulated with the gentlest touch in mind. We use 100% natural and organic ingredients, free of harsh sulphates, to effectively cleanse without stripping your skin's natural moisture.

This makes it perfect for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Experience the power of Vitamin C for a brighter, more radiant complexion without worrying about irritation.

At Lotus Organics, we understand that gentle cleansing is paramount to healthy, glowing skin. Our Vitamin C Face Wash is meticulously formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Lotus Organics Vitamin C Cleanser

Do you want a glowing and radiant complexion? The Lotus Organics Vit-C Radiance Booster Cleanser is one of a kind. This cleanser is gentle but effective. It is made from organic lemon verbena to help you accomplish your skincare needs.

Key Features:

  • This vitamin C face wash will even your skin tone and remove hyperpigmentation, giving you the radiant glow you want.

  • It removes dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells without leaving your face dry due to losing its natural moisture.

  • This product is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive skin as it is a free form of sulphate.

  • It is made from 100% certified organic lemon verbena, so you can be assured that you are using a natural product.


  • Daily Detoxification: This cleanser helps to wash away impurities and pollutants, thus leaving skin refreshingly clean.

  • Antioxidant-rich: Vitamin C and lemon verbena have the antioxidant power to neutralize free radicals, which are known to lead to early aging.

  • Boosts Radiance: If you use it regularly, you will certainly see brighter, more even-toned skin.

  • Clarifies Skin: The cleanser helps minimize pores and gives a clear and smooth appearance.

How to Use:

  1. Splash your face with the warm water.

  2. Take a dime-sized vitamin C face wash into your palms and create the foam.

  3. Rub the lather onto your face gently without touching the area around your eyes.

  4. Rinse with lukewarm water properly.

  5. Use a fresh towel to pat your face dry.

For optimal results, follow with the Lotus Organics Vit-C Radiance Booster Serum and Creme SPF 20 for a complete brightening and protecting routine.

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The All-in-One Solution for Glowing Skin

Vit C Day & Night Radiance Set

Featuring the Vit C Day & Night Radiance Set! This all-in-one formula offers fantastic value and provides a gentle and potent approach to a glowing and healthy complexion.

Your Complete Morning Must-Haves:

The Power of Vitamin C:

  • Increased Radiance & Glow: Say goodbye to dullness! Vitamin C can even tone your skin and add a glow to your complexion by brightening your skin and bringing about a much healthier look.

  • Enhanced Collagen Production: Collagen makes skin look youthful. This set encourages collagen production, leading to firmer skin that can bounce back quickly.

Vit- C Fresh Glow Duo

Looking for a radiant start to your day without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Lotus Organics Vit-C Fresh Glow Duo! This powerful yet affordable combo combines two essential morning skincare products:

  • Vit-C Radiance Booster Crème: This lightweight cream hydrates and brightens your skin, leaving a healthy glow thanks to Vitamin C.

  • Vit-C Radiance Booster Cleanser: This gentle, sulphate-free vitamin C face wash removes impurities and refreshes your skin with the invigorating scent of 100% certified organic lemon verbena.

Packed with antioxidants, this duo helps restore your skin's natural radiance and leaves you feeling fresh and revitalized – all at a fantastic price! Start your day with a healthy glow the natural way.

A Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

  • Cleanse: Use your Lotus Organics Vitamin C Face Wash twice daily. This can help free your skin from impurities and prepare it for the next steps.

  • Tone: Add a gentle toner to wipe off the cleanser traces and tighten your pores.

  • Treat: Consider adding a Vitamin C serum to your routine based on your needs. This game-changer is an excellent tool for brightening your skin.

  • Moisturize: Using a thin, hydrating moisturizer according to your skin type can help you keep your moisture and make your skin feel full and smooth.

  • Sunscreen: Do not ever take sunscreen for granted! Use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily, even on the cloudy ones, to give your skin the best defence against harmful UV rays.

Shop our collection of Lotus Organics Vitamin C Face Washes today and embark on a journey to a brighter, more radiant you!