Face Fitness with Plant Retinol & Jade Roller for Beginners!

The Skin Smart move - well-kept celebrity secret!
A unisexual, premium quality roller wherein the roller heads reach all the skin areas, even the neglected-condensed ones and mimic the spa-like deep tissue massage!
It’s time to relax, revive, & re-invent with an intense therapeutic session coupled with the right face oils!
Optimal product absorption is as important as the product itself.
While we all are convinced about how important the concept of ‘body fitness’ is, here we are discussing face fitness today!
Our face has multiple small muscles that intern have muscle fibres. As we grow older, our muscles become weak, and thus our facial skin tends to sag.
Face tools are no new phenomenon, and they’re an old faithful beauty ritual, just an updated routine coupled with the right face serums and facial oils. Moreover, it’s essential to reap the maximum benefit that a product offers, which happens only when it is applied correctly.
The face tools have been gaining a lot of airtime lately, and if you’re somebody willing to commit to your skincare routine and learn new things, then keep reading!
We’re all in for a facial massage and sculpting using a Jade Roller with our Plant Retinol emollients.
Now let’s get into the fun stuff!
You’d need a couple of things for the face sculpting exercise: A Jade Roller and the Plant Retinol based Bakuchiol Miracle Face Oil or Bakuchiol Super Serum. Once you’re set with these, it’s time to roll!
Here’s why you should invest in it too:
  • The Jade Roller is a well-kept secret antidote for congested and stressed skin.
  • Seamless gliding over all the contours of the face helps promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Face rolling gives stimulations and strength to the facial muscles to strengthen them and thus lift them at home.
  • Instantly tones tighten and lift the face - Younger looking skin!
  • Elevates facial muscles, it's the ultimate FaceYoga + fitness tool to have!
  • Triggers new collagen synthesis in the skin, lightens acne scars, light pimple marks, and calms irritated skin.
  • Blurs out dark circles & under-eye tension
  • Effective massage leading to better sleep & a relaxed mind
  • Uplifts & Depuffs a swollen face.
  • Visible reduction of double chin, face lifting, & Jawline accentuation.
  • Reduced Inflammation and de-puffed face with Plant Retinol used in the proper technique
  • Improves the appearance of elasticity of the skin.
  • Jade Rolling improves circulation and promotes Plant Retinol absorption.
  • Delivers eased-out & emotionally balanced skin.
  •  A potent concoction of actives delivers a more youthful and rejuvenated complexion.
Now that you’re convinced and all-set to roll, understated are simple steps to follow:
What to do?
Jade rolling and Retinol - both can be overwhelming terms when you’re a beginner. It’s pretty simple, and significantly effective if we ease ourselves into the process. Jade Rolling can do wonders if done with the right technique, and Plant Retinol is your safest bet when you’re a beginner looking for an anti-ageing solution!
Don’t be perplexed. Here’s what we suggest you do:
Step 1:
Place the Jade roller in the refrigerator before use for extra cooling effects. Once you’re done cleaning your face, pour a few drops of the Plant Retinol Bakuchiol Miracle Face oil or  Plant Retinol Bakuchiol Super Serum to help the roller to glide easily.
Step 2:
The roller has two sides - the bigger one is ideal for the face, neck and forehead, while the smaller one is perfect for around the eye area, nose and lips.
Cheeks and Jaw: Start with moving the roller towards the ear bottoms. Use the big roller end, apply medium pressure, and roll it gently 5 to 10 times in the same way.
Forehead: Gently roll from the centre of the forehead toward the side of the face with medium pressure 5-6 times, draining down to the clavicle on the last pass. Repeat on the opposite side.
Under Eye: At the under eye, use the small end of the roller. Roll 5-6 times from the nose toward the end of the brow. On the last roll, finish by drawing down the side of the face to the clavicle. Repeat these movements just under the eyebrow.
Jawline & Neck: For the neck, start from the base of the neck towards the jawline in an upward roll. Do it for about 10-12 strokes. Follow along the lower jawline to under the ear lobe 5-6 times.
Step 3:
Focus on slow breaths. To clean your roller post-application, wipe it with a soft damp piece of cloth. Store it in a cool place!
That’s pretty much it. Ease yourself in this ritual, and stay committed; Good things ALWAYS take time!

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