Five reasons that an organic under-eye cream is the best complement to your skincare routine!

While we all know that the most ‘overlooked’ step in a skincare routine is an eye cream, we are here to tell you how it is the most ‘under-estimated one.
Your eyes say it all - whether you’ve been pulling an occasional all-nighter or spending your nights binging on Netflix, your eyes do talk.
Pollution combined with never-ending screen consumption, there’s not much that one can avoid.
Hence your eye contour area, the skin around the eye, is a much-affected portion!
Since the inception of the pandemic, the use of these electronic devices has increased, and we all know it can have multiple undesirable effects on the eye.
While concealer is your best bet to hide your under-eye bags, but it’s not a sustainable solution.
Forget all you have learnt about applying your regular moisturiser under your eyes, and here are your reasons to invest in organic under-eye creams:
Comfort and care because prevention is always better than cure:
Let’s think of it this way - wear and tear, remember?
Our under-eye skin is at a state of activity more than the rest of the face. Every time you smile, frown, yawn or even blink - movement is involved. This leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles beneath the eyes. And an effective eye cream can do wonders to crepey skin!
Pay attention!
The skin under the eye is paper-thin:
Add the fact that the skin around your eyes is 10% thinner than the rest of the face.
The area under the eyes does not have any oil glands, and this area is usually untreated and dry.
However, the right kind of eye cream, paired with an adequate amount of sleep, can do wonders!
A specialised, multi-correctional formulation:
While no doubt the face emollients do an excellent hydrating job and infuse enough moisture, the eye contour area demands delicate and a more specialised formulation - a more targeted approach!
Antioxidant-rich organic ingredients and cooling massager - Once you try it and stay consistent, you’d never want to skip it!
De-puff your eyes & reduce dark circles:
If you struggle with baggy under-eyes (which most of us do!) and look drained and over-tired no matter how well you take care of your resting hours, then an eye cream has to be your close friend.
Dried up skin under the skin is inevitable. An eye cream hydrates and reduces dark circles around the eyes by strengthening the delicate skin and reducing the visibility of blood vessels in that area.
Midnight Collagen Boost for Saggy Eyes:
Sagging in the eye contour is the very first sign of ageing. Hydrate and boost collagen to perfect your soft and supple under-eye for a bright, youthful under-eye!
With time and the constant movement of the eyelid, the production of collagen and elastin diminishes.
The ice-cold roll-on application delicately designed for the under-eye tightens the skin, infuses the organic goodness, and addresses the under-eye sagging.
If you couldn’t find a reason to splurge on an eye cream, now you do!
Here’s one for you - Precious Brightening Under Eye Crème!
Lift the weight of the world from your eyes with this super lightweight formulation, and experience eye-healing like never before!
Strengthen the collagen-elastin matrix and restore the eye area while you sleep with a restorative concentrate of organic lipids and 100% Certified Organic White Peonies.
- Diminish Dark Circles & Fine Lines
- Encourage collagen production and promote microcirculation of the blood
- De-puff Eye Contour Area
- Skin Firming & Uplifting Effect
- Strengthen and protect delicate under-eye skin
Simply massage the contours of your stressed and tired eyes using the cooling roller and energise your under-eyes appearance and accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process.
Time to bless yourself with some beauty sleep and wake up the dull-tired face!
Beauty Bonus Tip - For an extra de-puffing effect, try using a jade roller in gentle sweeping strokes for optimal product absorption.
Healthy Summer Skincare Routine!

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