Healthy Hair Habits - LOVE IS IN THE LAYERS!

Less waste, more beauty is our rule for 2022!
New year always brings us a promise to start with a blank canvas where we get to decide once again what possibilities we would like to explore. Winters can cause a lot of hair issues like dandruff, flaky scalp, dry and rough hair, tangled hair, hair fall.
However, be it any season or year of the day, we all want good hair days, don’t we?
So here are some tips for happy and healthy hair all year-round:
Including a nutrient-rich hair oil that nourishes your hair and scalp and helps with dandruff as well as hair fall can be very beneficial especially during winters.
? Our haircare consciously crafted with 100% Certified Organic Actives oil can be your best friend this season.
? Avoid long hot showers this season, this leads to dehydrated and dry skin and hair, go for lukewarm water instead to maintain moisture levels and make sure you stay hydrated.
? Let your shampoo sit on your scalp for a minute or so when washing oiled hair. Avoid washing them twice-thrice because that can be harsh on your scalp and strip off the natural oils!
? Let your HAIR enjoy the AIR! Avoid using a dryer every time you wash your hair. Let them air-dry!
? Try spritzing a heat-protectant pre-leaving your house even if you’re not styling them with heating tools. The reason being, a LOT of damage happens because of the natural heat & environmental aggressors outside. It’s intangible, but it’s there!
? Work your shampoo mildly on your scalp, let the toxin-free conditioner & organic hair masks take care of the tresses!
? Indulge in organic multi-blend oil therapy an hour before your wash!
Avoid keeping it overnight as it may weigh your hair down and cause more breakage as you sleep!
? Use WIDE-TOOTH, or neem combs and show some love to your layers!
? This one’s pretty interesting; frequently change the direction and pressure points of tying the knots in your hair. In other words, keep changing your hairdos. This prevents pressure on the same hair follicles every time you tie up a ponytail and helps those areas to relax and prevent breakage!
? Use satin-pillow cases and CLEAN ones!
? Be gentle with wet hair, don't brush them against a towel, or aggressively run them through the harsh texture of a towel. Use a clean old cotton tee-shirt/ satin cloth / soft towels for drying the hair up.
? Your hair is literally the food you consume, focus on the foods your hair needs.
? Keep yourself & your tresses hydrated!
And most importantly, BE PATIENT. Be disciplined with your hair rituals if you want to discipline your unruly hair. Products take time to show results. Focus on the technique more than maximising the product quantity. Stimulate the scalp and help the products absorb & sit better.
This month of love, let’s pour love into our layers!

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