Post-Monsoon Haircare: Do's and Don'ts to keep your Hair Healthy in Rainy Season

Monsoons never fail to bring us JOY & HAIR PROBLEMS!

But has the rainy weather stolen away your hair shine?

At a time when the sky is doing its magic, the body clock changes. The skin & hair start responding differently. The look of the locks suffers! Usually, it’s not the best time for the hair.

Post monsoon, hair is fragile, and just like our skin, needs some extra care with changing weather. Sweat and constant oil secretions attract various harmful agents like dirt and pollutants, making the hair dull and robbing them of the shine. Not only this, but the presence of salt in our sweat also tends to make the mane rough.

When it comes to the post-monsoon, hair loss & frizz is extremely common!

We all need to the frizz to calm down, don’t we?

Monsoon is the time for germs and bacteria to thrive in unhygienic conditions. And that is why post-monsoon hair does require you to commit on time.

Monsoon Hair care Tips

Here are some Monsoon hair care products and tips to help you deal with your beautiful tresses acting difficult during the rains:

  • Try keeping your hair as dry as possible before you step out of the house. Combing wet hair is not suggested. Remember, your hair is weakest when it is in wet condition.
  • Cover your hair whenever you’re out and it is pouring. Rainwater usually is acidic, so protecting your hair is important!
  • Take some time out & indulge in a hair spa - it’s a post-monsoon must!
  • Discipline your rebellious hair strands with a nourishing, refreshing and deeply moisturising hair mask we prepare so lovingly with 100% Certified Organic Actives and chemical-free ingredients. Apply an organic hair mask at least once in two weeks. Our favourite is the Lotus Organics+ Hair Fall Control Revival Mask
  • Switch to a wide-tooth neem comb if you haven’t already!
  • Do not skip the conditioner. It helps moisturise the hair & tame the frizz.
  • Use gentle, sulphate-free cleansers & a hair tonic to combat hair fall!
  • Always try to keep your hair dry because it locks nourishment, strengthens, and protects hair against hair fall.
  • Keep your scalp clean with Scalp Intensive Care shampoo!
  • Don’t rub your hair the wrong way while shampooing them.
  • Organic Oil Massage: Nothing’s as good for your hair during the monsoon as a good hot oil massage. It naturally revitalises dry hair strands & offers deep conditioning too.
  • Don’t rely on styling products to get your hair looking good. Let a good cut and condition do all the talking.
  • Don’t spray perfume in your hair – it contains chemicals that will dry out the hair and alter its colour.
  • Eat well, & sleep well!

Post Monsoon, we suggest that you please be as gentle as possible with your hair.

Reduce the use of styling tools, and NEVER use harsh cleansers!

Steer away from any hair product which contains irritating substances.

And while we are talking about the solution, here’s an organic one - Try our Lotus Organics+ Intensive Scalp Care Range, which works to purify the scalp, relieve stress, taming frizzy hair, & reducing split-ends. It also boosts hair growth, strengthens the hair shaft, and initiate thick and dense hair growth!

Have a mindful monsoon with your hair!

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