Radiant Rescues: The Ultimate Dry Skin S.O.S. Routine for Your Face

Dry skin is a nemesis that can be itchy, flaky, and, at times, very painful. 

Do not worry if your face feels like a desert that needs water. We've come up with the best dry skin regime that will see the end of these annoying flakes and get you glowing. However, first, we must ensure that it is due to the dryness of the skin. Look out for these five symptoms:

The Tight Squeeze:
Do you notice that your skin is tauter than your most snug pair of jeans after taking a shower or clearing up with a washcloth?

Rough Around the Edges: >Are you rougher on your skin than a rugged mountain path?

Flaky Friends: Do you notice any traces of flakes on your lips and other parts of your body?

Fine Lines & Cracks: Is it telling you a story full of unwanted fine lines and deep cracks?

Itchy, Scratchy, and Scaly: Sometimes, do you think you're scratching across a desert of lice>

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

In addition, dry skin may worsen due to specific agents, such as seasons, environmental stress, and hormones. You must be sure of the dry skin problem before commencing any skin care regimen. If dryness is indeed the culprit, here are some easy ways to keep dry skin soft and supple:

Moisturize Like You Mean It

Moisturizers are usually a dry skin's first lover. Seek oil-laden ointments, creams, and lotions fortified with EFAs in the fight against your dry skin. They can lubricate the skin's outer layer, hold water and ensure it is not lost quickly. According to doctors and dermatologists, identify components such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, macadamia oil, and acai berries for a hydrating and exfoliating combination.

Pro Tip: As soon as you finish cleansing, apply some moisturizing lotion to slightly wet skin or give your body an additional refresher to keep it moisturized.

Heat Control: Showering Right

Dry skin can get worse due to extreme temperatures that remove valuable oils. It advises us to take warm showers, which should not exceed 84°F as it is for a heated pool. Those who love hot showers should restrict themselves to not exceeding 10 minutes of shower time to limit the harmful effects.

Gentle Giants: Ingredients Matter

Minimize parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, propylene glycol, and sodium lauryl sulphate in skin care products. These culprits are not present in Lotus Organic products; that's why they make a huge difference in your skincare practice.

Winter Armor: Protect Your Skin in the Cold

Dehydrated skin is most sensitive during the winter, when the environment turns even colder. Your skin's hydration evaporates faster due to a lack of humidity. And worst of all, we turn up the heat to dehydrate even more moisture from the air and our bodies!

Use the following instead:

The Humidifier Hero Harvard Health suggests using a humidifier set at approximately 60 percent humidity. The cold weather tends to make your skin lose water molecules on its surface; thereby, this miniature gadget comes in handy during the winter.

Achieve Radiant Skin with Lotus Organics: A 5-Step Routine for Dry Skin on Your Face

Combating dry skin could be a tricky thing, but finding a proper skincare regimen and natural ingredients would keep skin hydrated and glowing. Dry skin can be tackled using specially formulated products offered by Lotus Organics. To help you nurture your dry skin into being hydrated and healthy, we've put together a five-step facial routine using Lotus Organics products.

Step 1: Gentle Cleaning

Dry skin can also be worsened by using harsh soaps and strong scents for lathering up. Another possibility is the dry foaming cleanser, which may take away your skin's oil. Therefore, use gentle and soothing cleansers like Divine Nourish Face Wash from Lotus Organics. This soap-free face cleanser for dry reduces sebum production and replenishes lost moisture.

Product Highlight With this in mind, Lotus Organics Divine Nourish Face Wash includes a 100% certified Irish Moss that removes dry, tightened skin, giving you an enviable glow.

Pre-Cleanse with Cleansing Balm

A pre-cleansing oil or cleansing balm that does not leave your skin greasy is necessary when you wear makeup. Therefore, we advise that you use Lotus Organics Precious Brightening Cleansing Balm. This is a luxuriously relaxing cleansing balm that takes away dust, dirt and other pollutants from the skin while keeping the natural oil balance of the skin intact.

Product HighlightWhite peony extract, which brightens the face and is priced, is incorporated into Lotus Organics Precious Brightening Cleansing Balm. It efficiently cleanses makeup without disturbing the moisture balance of the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate

You may also need to moisturize and scrub the skin to remove any dirt and debris on its surface. Lotus Organics has differentorganic products for dry skin.

Exfoliating Weekly to Start:

It is advised to start a weekly exfoliation regimen to deal with scaling effectively. In particular, for dry skin, one should begin using a light exfoliant, and the Holistic Regenerating Exfoliatorfits the bill perfectly.

This product contains 100% certified organic acai berries. The exfoliator gently slides on the skin, removing dead skin cells and deep-seated impurities, giving the skin a complete nourishing effect.

Step 3: Tone

Toning is an integral part of the skincare routine because your face regains its pH level and moisture balance after washing. It has a crucial function of getting rid of any impurities that your cleanser might have missed. Consider toner as the 'conditioner' for your skin following the cleansing activity. Lotus Organics provides an excellent toner for any skincare regimen.

Lotus Organics Divine Petals Toner Mist in an alcohol-free formulation with certified organic 100% frangipani extracts. Some of the fresh organic frangipani flowers are capable of tightening the skin pores, boosting the skin's firmness, restoring the pH levels to normal, and refreshing tired looks.

After cleaning your skin, spray one to two sprits of Divine Petals Toner Mist on your face and neck or apply it with a cotton pad. However, ensure you do not use it in your eye area and leave it on the skin to experience the healing effects.

Step 4: Treat with Vit-C Serum

If one's skin is dry, then one should pick an oil, concentrate or serum that is loaded with fatty acids. Therefore, we suggest Lotus Organics' Vit-C Glow Face Oil, which is loaded with the nourishment your dry skin yearns for. This product is made up of cold-pressed, 100 percent certified organic lemon verbena oil and olive oil together with carrot and sweet almond oil, all of which treat dry skin. The elixir will treat your skin by giving it more brightness, plumpness, renewed energy, youthfulness, and life.

It's a light face oil with a non-greasy texture that gently melts onto your skin, instantly improving the health and glow of your complexion. This is why our customers have dubbed it "liquid gold."

Lotus Organics appreciates that dry skin has its own characteristics, for which they offer Vitamin C serums for dry skin. Alternatively, Vit-C Radiance Booster Serum is another option that functions as a Vitamin C serum for dry skin. It is made of cold-pressed and 100% certified organic Lemon Verbena, which helps prevent dull skin, even out the skin, and bring back the radiant look.

Step 5: Moisturize

Moisturizing is your dry skin's best friend. It is essential after cleansing and toning to lock in that critical hydration. Luckily for all who need a dry skin facial cream, Lotus Organic has excellent options.

Go for an oil-rich face cream for dry skin that rehydrates and revitalizes your skin barrier in the same instance. This can be the epitome of luxury, just as Divine Nutritive Creme, specially formulated with the finest 100% certified organic bio-actives inspired by the 'nutritious superfood', Irish moss. These bioactives possess the remarkable ability to transform your skin. The divine touch of this formula penetrates deeply into the skin's layers, providing the nurturing and protection your skin deserves. It's a perfect choice to replenish moisture and repair your skin's lipid barrier.

Use the product Divine Restorative Night Cream to address your neck and your face in an overnight mode. It's a specially designed product intended for usage during cold seasons, especially in winter, when skin dryness is a common phenomenon. While sleeping, this cream caresses your skin, revitalizing and smoothing it so it is as soft as silk when you wake up. The formulation is meant to make the skin more challenging to environmental aggression. Made up of pure organic and 100% certified Macadamia Nut Oil, it actively penetrates the skin and restores the nutrition that was lost.

Don't Forget the Rest of Your Body

As you give a royal treatment to your face, do not forget to pamper your body. Lotus Organics's Buttery Buffet Moisturizing Kit keeps your skin optimally moisturised in winter, and you can cover your needs for this winter.

The moisturizer, as well as the hand cream in this travel-friendly kit, easily absorb into your skin, making it feel healthy all day long while at the same time ensuring there is always a pleasant, fragrant smell on you. Think of it as an all-in-one pampering kit for your skin; that way, every inch of your body feels loved equally. It also makes the best beauty care gift set for every occasion.

Shop the best organic products in India with Lotus Organics+, formulated for your skin to feel loved and pampered.


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